In Cudillero there are a lot of semi-wild beaches and coves, which we recommend you to discover. In Lamuño, where La casa del campo cottages are located, there are three beaches, which are three different and very attractive options. Depending on the preferences and the type of visitor:

La Concha de Artedo

Playa de ArtedoLa Concha de Artedo is suitable for people with good mobility. Both the descent, which can be made on foot from La casa del campo, and the access to the sandy area (always at low tide) are a bit complicated. First, we will need to descend 800 m on an asphalt road, but we will have to go up again when returning (altitude of almost 100m above sea level). To get to the sand it is necessary to walk across big rounded-rocks (“regodones”). You can drive by Artedo, park at the large parking area and calmly walk to the beach on a wooden platform beside the river. It is a beautiful natural setting, the water is dark and calm (the red flag hardly ever is waving). Lifeguard service available until 19:00.
There are 2 restaurants next to the beach with very comfortable terraces.


Playa de OleirosOleiros beach, for the most adventurous ones. Especially for those who like going with their dog. Pedestrian access from a certain point. After driving, through the woods, on a bumpy dirt road, you can park (if there is room for it). There is no track indication, the track is just after the recreational area Monte Valsera, before the “Poblado Salamir” sign.
If you like walking, we recommend you to leave your car at the cottages or in the parking of the recreational area, and go for a lovely walk in the woods. The beach has no services, so if you want to eat there you will need to bring your own food and drink, and do not forget to save some water for your way back, as you will be dry after the nearly 100 stairs climb.

San Pedro de Bocamar

Playa de San PedroSan Pedro beach is 3 km from the cottages, it has a parking area next to the beach and all services.
Suitable for people with mobility limitations. It is highly recommended for children, because there is always sand where they can play, no matter how the tide is.
It is, therefore, one of the most tourist beaches in Cudillero and Asturias in general. Moreover, there are two bars on the beach.


 More on beaches in western Asturias

  • If you’re looking, for example, for a place in which to lay your towel, take a bath, go for a walk on the sand or play paddle ball, you can go to: S. Lorenzo, Verdicio, Salinas, Santa María del Mar, Los Quebrantos, Aguilar, S. Pedro, Cadavedo, Barayo or Frexulfe. They have all services. But forget about playing football or play paddle ball at high tide, especially on weekends in August.
  • If you like surfing, then go to: S. Lorenzo, Salinas, S. Pedro, Xagó, El Espartal and Penarronda.
  • If you like spearfishing or diving: La Concha de Artedo, Oleiros and Cueva.
  • If you prefer a beach in which experience nudism (there are people wearing swimsuit as well): Bayas, Las Llanas, Silo, Oleiros, El Silencio and Serantes.
  • To access Oleiros, El Silencio and Llanas there are quite a lot steps and a ramp; there is no service, but peace (not like in the rest of the beaches in the summer). To the first two you can go with your (well-trained) dog, as they have no lifeguard service. They are not sand beaches.