In the area there are different activities for you to enjoy in order to make the most of your holidays:

The quietest ones can birdwatching (like the rare cormorants) or take photos in Cabo Vidío (cape) to the Cantabrian Sea, where waves can reach 9 metres high when there is a Storm.
You can register for one of the workshops of the Jardín de los Aromas (Scent Garden), in Agones.
You can visit the pre-Romanesque monuments and the Santianes de Pravia church.
For these and other cultural visits you can always contact the local tourist guide (, who will be pleased to guide in English.

And, if you like country paths, you will find coastal paths, and walking and horse riding routes along the forest of Lamuño. You can rent quads in Luarca or even boat trips.

But, if you are looking for risk and adventure, then contact Kaly Aventura.